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Save as PDF crashes FM 12 every time

Question asked by DonClark on Sep 4, 2013

This problem seems to crop on the forums from time to time.  I have tried virutually every remedy found online.  I noticed it first with FM 12 when I updated to 12.0V3 - after trying several things, I downgraded and waited for 12.0v4, which did not have the problem.


Today the problem returned - I have not updated my system nor added any programs since last time I ran the script that saved as a pdf, but FM crashes every time I save as a pdf - with a single record or records being browsed, called from a script or from the File menu, every single time. 


I tossed prefs, restarted, ran only FM, tried it from several different layouts (even a new, blank layout) - it crashes every single time without exception.  I do not have Acrobat or reader installed, nor are there any adobefnt system files. 

Disk utulity says hd is fine, as are permisions.  MacKeeper says all is fine with system, no viruses either. 


I am using a different computer with 12.0V2 on it to do the tasks requiring save as pdf.  Works perfectly from same server shared file (I am running latest version of FM Server Advanced on a Mac Mini server).


MacBook Pro, System 1.7.5, 8gb ram, plenty of hd space.  FileMaker 12.0V4.  The crash report is attached as a txt file.


Any ideas?


Thanks for your help.


Don Clark