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FileMaker Go on iPad mini opens in iPhone size—Why?

Question asked by maximums on Sep 4, 2013
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Hello all


I have a solution that I thought was humming along nicely until I tested a new iOS configuration profile on my iPad mini. The app icon has been made using the great FileMaker Go App Maker. My scripting tests the system platform and displays layouts accordingly. The problem isn't that it doesn't go to the correct layouts, its how FileMaker Go is displaying before the file is even opened, and then subsequent to opening a file.


The problem: if I open the file using the custom app icon, the login dialog displays in iPhone size, not iPad (mini or otherwise). I can tap 2x but this is merely a work around and does not resolve the issue. If I open the file using FileMaker Go app icon and locate the file that way, it opens as expected, in full size for the iPad mini.


Has anybody else experienced this behaviour? How can I resolve the issue?