OnObjectExit Script Preventing Portal Row Delete

Discussion created by bradleyboggs on Sep 5, 2013
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Hi there,


Thank you in advance for your help! In one of my layouts, I have a portal that has an "OnObjectExit" script trigger that triggers a script designed to validate the data. The only caveat to that is that it prevents the "Delete" button present on each portal row from working (this is just a simple button with the "Delete Portal Row" script step. Button is present on each portal row.


Here's the script that is run OnObjectExit:


If [ not IsEmpty (InvTrans::UnitsIn) ]

Perform Script [ “Validation_InvTrans_InOut” ] <------------ This script just checks to make sure only one of two fields has a value

Else If [ not IsEmpty (InvTrans::UnitsOut) ]


Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Correct Transaction Amount"; Message: "ATTENTION - You must include either an IN quantity or an OUT quantity. Please correct."; Default

Button: “Go Back” , Commit: “No”; Button 2: “Delete Trans” , Commit: “No” ]

Set Variable [ $m; Value:Get ( LastMessageChoice ) ]

If [ $m = "1" ]

Go to Object [ Object Name: "UnitsIn" ]

Enter Browse Mode

Halt Script

Else If [ $m = "2" ]

Delete Portal Row



The deletion that happens via the dialog works fine - it's just this script trigger/script that is preventing the normal deletion of portal rows.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!