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Pop Up Value List in FM Go...Choosing Easier and Displaying Better

Question asked by dzempel on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2013 by dzempel

Hello All,


I am working on an FM Go 12 project that contains a pop up list of Vendors. The list contains hundreds of values. On the Desktop you can Auto Complete using Existing Values. This is great because if I type "j" it filters my list to all vendors that start with a j. Here I can see that my vendor exists or it doesn't. If it does I choose it from the value list. If it doesn't I keep typing and when I exit the field it will create the vendor on the fly.


The issue is that my users will be mostly using Go, not desktop, specifically when they enter Vendor information. On Go you can't use auto complete which means to get to my S's I have to scroll, scroll, scroll. Does anyone have a suggestion for me to make this easy for the user? I've thought of many ideas but all require some form of extra work for the user and is not acceptable.


The second issue is that on SOME of my pop up lists they expand and cover the keyboard and the Next and Previous buttons. So, in the case where the vendor doesn't exist in the list and I want to type my own Vendor name, I can't see some of the keyboard and can't get to the next field when I am done. Has anyone experienced this and what did you to to overcome the issue? For now I set the field to Go To Next Object using Return so the Return button changes to a Next button. This allows me to get to the next field but it doesn't solve the problem of being able to type keys on the keyboard when they are blocked.


Thanks for any thoguhts on this matter!