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    Cross-platform solution to Skype Out, Calling and Chats


      I've been here on many an occasion seeking help (and I'll be back again) but this time I'd like to give back. I had been seeking a solution to integrating Skype into a database for the purposes of dialling phone numbers or initiating Skype-to-Skype calls or chats, and got so far with it but it wasn't working cross platform. Various tips on other websites helped along the way, but I couldn't find a fully documented solution for cross-platform integration. Perhaps I didn't look hard enough, but a few weeks ago, I figured it out and have two scripts (one for dialling phone numbers and one for initiating calls/chats to a Skype name) that work on Windows, Mac and iOS.


      I have finally got around to posting the solution on our website: http://www.soundsessential.com/blog/42-information-technology/filemaker/70-filemaker-pro-cross-platform-skype-out-calling-and-chat


      I hope this helps those looking to do something similar, just as some of you have been kind enough to help me.

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          Hi, Duncan. What I see is that you are doing Skype through the web correct? In other words this is not integrated with the Skype application itself?


          I have an extensive Skype script for Mac OS that integrates directly with the Skype app and allows you to use the application outside or inside FileMaker. I don't use a cross platform environment so I haven't had any interest in developing it further for the Windows side. Do a search in documents for the tag ronsmithmd and you can see it (and the other scripts I've developed) if you are further interested.


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            Hi Ron


            Yes this isn't a full blown integration, just initiating phone calls, skype calls or skype chats using the required method depending on which platform you're on. I checked out your script and it looks pretty fancy and cool, but being in a multi-platform environment we needed something that would work whether on PC, Mac or iOS. We use Skype instead of a landline, so that launches on computer boot, automatically logs in and stays on, and therefore for our situation we don't need to sign in and out from within Filemaker. But we did want to be able to click a client's phone number and have Skype dial without further input, and this script does that no matter what OS is being used.


            Thanks for the pointer to your solution and I look forward to checking out the other stuff you have developed.


            All the best