Cross-platform solution to Skype Out, Calling and Chats

Discussion created by duncanbaker on Sep 7, 2013
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I've been here on many an occasion seeking help (and I'll be back again) but this time I'd like to give back. I had been seeking a solution to integrating Skype into a database for the purposes of dialling phone numbers or initiating Skype-to-Skype calls or chats, and got so far with it but it wasn't working cross platform. Various tips on other websites helped along the way, but I couldn't find a fully documented solution for cross-platform integration. Perhaps I didn't look hard enough, but a few weeks ago, I figured it out and have two scripts (one for dialling phone numbers and one for initiating calls/chats to a Skype name) that work on Windows, Mac and iOS.


I have finally got around to posting the solution on our website: http://www.soundsessential.com/blog/42-information-technology/filemaker/70-filemaker-pro-cross-platform-skype-out-calling-and-chat


I hope this helps those looking to do something similar, just as some of you have been kind enough to help me.