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Missing secure stored images after compressing a copy

Question asked by on Sep 9, 2013



We are using FM12 extensively for storing images (secure) for huge sets of data. We recently made a compressed copy of one file by stopping it from the host, removing using the FM server admin console, opening locally with FMA12 from the removed folder, saving a compressed copy to the desktop, then copied the file back to the datadatabase folder manually. (There was a post recently about not using the upload to reload a file as it would break the storage links.)


However, now we have missing image markers in many of the container fields.


I've read through a lot of white papers and tech sheets here, but haven't found a definitive answer on managing files using secure storage.


What are our options for restoring the images:


  1. Restore from a backup?
    • How will this afftect our images and what is the best way to do this without breaking more links?
  2. Stop hosting the "new" file, remove and then use the FMS admin tool to upload the previously removed file?
  3. Can we find the images on the server and re-link?


Who out there is using this feature with terabytes worth of data for a DAM and what points can you share about what to do/not to do?


Thank in advance,

Laura Bowyer