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    View PDF in container or Export PDF



      As we will be connecting to our database trough the internet I was wondering witch choice would be preferable / faster :


      1) View a PDF in a full - screen size container (and keep it on the Filemaker Server ) or ....

      2) Export the PDF to the local desktop and let the user view it in Acrobat Reader



      The PDF's are sometimes 15 pages long



      Kind regards



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          My recommendation, based on the thought that users are more familiar with acrobat than Filemaker, is to use method 2.


          I would export to a temp directory so the PDFs don't pile up in their documents or desktop.


          Actually, if you're in an all MAC environment, method #1 might be a better fit, as I like the in-container preview better on mac.


          Neither method I think will really be noticable for speed. You still have to load some content down to the user to view it.

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            Mike Duncan

            I recently worked out a solution that included uploading a PDF in a webviewer, storing it in an Amazon S3 bucket for inexpensive cloud based storage, and then referencing the URL to display the PDF in a web viewer back in the database. Permissions were handled by my php script, and I have another script that retrieves and serves it up to the web viewer, so I can control that content is only available via my application.


            Works nicely and I don't have to worry about running out of space on my server.

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