Is it possible to look inside a Source file ...

Discussion created by synergy46 on Sep 9, 2013
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I am using FM 12 Advanced.


Here is the question:

As part of a import script, is it possible to look inside the Source file, using FM script commands, and determine if a specific table is present in that Source file?


Something like:



end if


The narrative around this question is that I have developed an app and, as is fairly typical, I need to add a table to the 'new' version. The problem is that when I import from a Source that DOES NOT have the 'new table' Filemaker assigns another table as the source and imports unmatched files into the new Target table.


I need a way to look at the source and if the 'new table' is not found, to not import to the Target table.


Thank you for considering this question.