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Model Window Bailout

Question asked by disabled_jackrodgers on Sep 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2015 by CarstenLevin

OK, a bit sloppy of me, but creating a new window using the go to related table step, I inadvertently made it a modal window with no close box and no close button. Every potential menu item of help to me was disabled.


I was able to open a layout, one of a few I had not disabled, that had a button to run a script so debugger was a possibility. Nope, it would step through but opening the script for editing produced a disabled window. Not good.


OK, the key is to have a menu layout with all of the needed buttons on it.


In the end I had to abort Filemaker which is not something I like doing.


Seems to me that Filemaker Advanced should have some means of bailing out of a locked modal window without no close buttons, etc. Did I miss this? Table view with no buttons on the layout and the three buttons disabled for the window actions.


Is there a bailout for the developer from a locked down modal window?