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    Default browser for Web Viewer


      I'm trying to change the default browser used for the Web Viewer. I have a little test database with a Web Viewer pointing to whatismybrowser.com. That site says I'm using Safari. However, I've opened Safari and checked the default browser and it says its Firefox. I've switched that default setting a couple times (I also have Chrome installed). Restarted FileMaker, but no change in the Web Viewer browser.


      Any thoughts on how to get my Web Viewer to use a different browser?


      I'm using FMP 12v4 on OS X 10.7.5.



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          Hi David,


          I have been under the impression that we do not have the luxury of specifying which browser implementation the webviewer utilizes.  I will be watching this post with interest to see if anyone can demonstrate otherwise.


          Very best,



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            Mike Duncan

            Hi David,


            Changing your default browser for your system won't change what FM uses in the web viewer. The FileMaker application is built using webkit (on mac) and IE's web engine (on windows). There's no changing that, it is programmed in. It is not too suprising that the webkit engine identifies itself as safari when sending http requests.


            Is there a reason you want to change it?



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              Yes, this has been my understanding as well: Safari on the Mac / iOS and IE on Windows. Set by FileMaker and can't be changed.

              Hopefully this will be changed at some point. IMO, if they aren't going to let us specify the browser, it would be nice if they used WebKit on both (actually all: Mac, Win & iOS), so that would elimitate one variable from testing.

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                Just adding to this *many years later* that the static maps API for Google Maps pops up all sorts of unsupported javascript dialogues on Windows.  IMO this should be changed to EDGE now on Windows to prevent these sorts of errors from becoming more prevalent as time goes by.

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                  So.... How then do we get around the message that now appears at to top of all my maps in a web viewer?   "You are using a browser that is not supported by the Google Maps JavaScript API. Consider changing your browser."  even after updating every browser on my computer (a new PC running 10)


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