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Can’t modify layouts, or scripts in FMS advanced 12

Question asked by cbarczys on Sep 9, 2013
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Is anyone else having problems accessing "manage layouts" or "manage scripts" when using FileMaker server advanced 12.04?



I converted 2 FileMaker databases that have been in active use since FileMaker 7. In FileMaker 7 through 11 I have been able to access layouts and scripts while the database is running on the respective version of FileMaker Pro server advanced. Yesterday I converted both files to FileMaker Pro 12. I then installed FileMaker Pro server advanced 12.04. When I open the files on FileMaker server using the admin account with full privileges I am unable to access managed layouts or manage scripts. I have sent most of today looking for documentation on the subject, but so far have found none. Are these functions no longer available when a file is hosted by FileMaker Pro server?


Thank you for any light you can shed on this subject,