Rebuild or Convert?

Discussion created by robmertens on Sep 10, 2013
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When i started at my current employer 12 years ago they had a solution for names and adresses in place, built in Filemaker 4.

Since then the solution got built on by me (A newbie at Filemaker at the time) and my colleague (A newbie with some knowledge), it evolved as did Filemaker and when we look at the system now it looks more like a hodgpodge of 96(!) files stuck together than anything else.

Nowadays it contains billing information, names, adressen, Fax correspondence, order bills, forms and even a form of communication with our window calculationsoftware for the sake of ERP, CRM and Warehousing etc. etc. etc.

The system works but is cumbersome, untangible and gets more and more impossible to fathom when making adjustments.

With everything we know now we would have definitely built the system in a different way but that's hindsight.


So, now the million dollar question....we want to change the system drastically but we have to retain all history because it most of it isnt even history yet (customer communication, billing etc).....what would you do?


Rebuild the whole thing or just keep on plowing through the history of an outdated Filemaker system (And converted to yet a new version soon) ?


I'd love to see your thoughts.....