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    ISO 9001:2008 certification


      Hi all


      I've recently changed jobs and am now working for an engineering consultancy. My first task is to introduce a document control system whereby the firm can achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification. This is a subject which, until a few weeks ago, I knew absolutely nothing about!


      I've done some research and discovered a few possible solutions ... nearly all work in a Windows environment and rely on MS SQLServer.


      I've downloaded a few trials and seen some demos and I began to think that this is a field where FileMaker could produce an effective solution. But before I go off and begin to develop a solution of my own and thought it best to see if a FileMaker solution already exists.


      Has anyone else got experience of this and, if so, could you point me towards a possible starting point?





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          Ahh the joy of BS5750, I mean ISO9000 series……..


          Effectively the crux of ISO9000 based quality assurance is repeatability and process. Thus document management is version control. There might be, depending on your industry, some other tracking aspects but overall pretty straight forward.


          The first system I wrote in FileMaker was especially for this purpose and although the system is still used (all be it on a PC running FileMaker Pro 6 unlimited). Unfortunately the system has some proprietary components which the company that owns it will not be prepared to realise (they are significant barriers to entry for their competitors). On the plus side the concepts are not overly complex and the best thing about it is a clear guide to requirements within the ISO documentation.


          If you want to talk about the quality assurance (as opposed to the filemaker/technical side) aspects of the project feel free to email me off list unless other list members are missing sleep; this subject can get quite dry……..


          Damian (a production engineer in a previous life)