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    Slow Server




      Client having slow server.


      Filemaker Server Advanced (latest version) being accessed through Terminal Server is running at a snail's pace. This is an ongoing issue. Does anyone have a clue as to why or how to remedy the situation?



      All Windows 7 clients

      - OS on Server is Server 2008 R2

      - Terminal Server is 2008 R2


      If anyone has any suggestions, it would be appreciated.


      Aileen Silver, President

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          My client just added this:

          No unstored calcs


          QuickBooks is running on the same server, unfortunately. I forgot to tell you that part.


          In any case, today I was connected remotely and was cruising along just fine, but everyone inside the network were crawling.


          A reboot helps some sometimes.

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            Reboot the router. Try swapping a few cables too.

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              Thanks.  Will try that.  Will let you know.

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                do some performance monitoring on both the FMS and the TS machine to see what shows up.  If there is nothing there (which may take a few days to e sure) then it could be a switch misbehaving, some bad cabling,... anything on the network between the servers and the clients.


                Also make sure that noone is streaming video   Other things to look at: any video monitoring that also uses the network, any VOIP on the same network...

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                  Thanks Wim. Will check all suggested. Client very frustrated.

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                    You don't mention the physical environment. Or if it was ever fast. I say this because I had a client's system slow to a crawl because of

                    Electromagnetic interference (or EMI). In that particular case the "back-wall neighbor" had added a new circut breaker panel right behind where all our Ethernet cables came down from the ceiling behind the sheet rock. Once we moved our bundle as much as was practical and added a shielding tube ... peace broke out.

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                      exactly... once you've ruled out issues on the servers themselves it becomes very esoteric.  I've seen one bad power unit on a workstation bring a network segment to its knees.


                      If the client is frustrated, here's an metaphone he may relate to: becuase of the way FM uses the network (and it IS unlike most other things on the network) it sort of acts as the canary in the coal mine.  If the canary drops dead it is not always a sign of bad health on the canary's part, it may just be a sign that the mine is about to blow up.

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                        I've tried searching the FM site for white paper for proper set up of terminal server? Just want to check out the basics. Thanks!

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                          Check the terminal server for network errors. It could have a bad NIC. The

                          fact that response was good for you at the same time clients using the

                          terminal server were having poor response points to either something on the

                          terminal server or the network feeding it.


                          Are both of these boxes on the same LAN?


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                            Found white paper on server 12 setup, but at first glance, didn't notice terminal server as section. But then again, it is 68 pages long :)  Tomorrow is another day. Thanks for all suggestions. Will let you know how this turns out.

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                              Update - company called in their IT guys to check hardware.