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Discussion created by mikebeargie Expert on Sep 11, 2013
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I've seen a few developers starting to prototype their projects in mockup software before taking it into Filemaker. Rather than debating the value of that, let's discuss some of the mockup utilities out there. I'd like to bookmark this as a resource for other developers as to what prototyping to use, I'll add to the table below based on people's comments about what they use. So please share your experiences with UI prototyping software


FilemakerMac / PC$299obvious choice if you're skipping mockups. Making your "mockups" here will mean you're done with the work later, and not doing a mockup AND filemaker development. Might also help to design CWP layouts.Not really designed for UI mockups. Takes longer and is much more complicated for prototyping. Limited annotation. Pricy for just prototyping (if you have designer-only users)
Balsamiq MockupsMac / PC$79Robust prototypes. Ability to link mockups to create a true "mocked up" applicationmedium level learning curve to take full advantage.
SwordSoft layoutMac / PC$6.99cheap, similar features to balsamiq, has freeware versionNo integrations (IE google drive) like balsamiq.
MoqupsOnline$9-$39/monthOnline app, so easily accessible by entire team from anywhere with no extra software install.ongoing subscription pricing could add up over time
lucidcharts.comOnline$0-$21/monthgood for flowcharts / ERD, allows group account, mind-mapping. Online access.Geared towards flowcharts more than prototyping
draw.ioOnlinefreeconnects with google drive, good for flowcharts / ERDGeared towards flowcharts more than prototyping