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calculation to autofill based on different check box field

Question asked by judym on Sep 11, 2013
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I have a field called Location. I want it to autofill with "Sound Booth" when the user checks Audio as one of the Media Types being requested. The types appear as a check box so the user could check just "Audio," - or "Audio" AND "Video", - or "Audio" and "Animation" - or all three together, or the other two together but not Audio, or just one of the other two. So far, with an If Then calculation, I've succeeded in getting it to populate if Audio alone is checked. In order to make it populate ANY time Audio is checked, is it a matter of nested If statements? Or Else Ifs? Or am I barking up the totally wrong tree? (If Audio is NOT checked, the user needs to be able to select manually a different Location from the drop down in the Location field.)