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    Outlook and sendmail


      As most of us now, using the sendmail from FileMaker to outlook can only create a text file, which means it won't work with a "Signature" within Outlook.

      If the user converts the email to html and then adds the signature, all is well...


      Now, I know it's easy enough to add signatures as an attachment form filemaker, but the problem with this is, there is ALREADY an attachment and Filemaker can not add more than one attachment at one time.


      and, yes, I've tried "mailto:" with attachments and the result was that this does not work with attachments...


      so, without having to fork out bg dollars for html email plugins, has anyone got a different solution?


      I was thinking that perhaps if I could automate the process of converting the text email to html, then adding the signature, within outlook, perhaps this automation can be activated from the filemaker script???


      any suggestions?

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          360works email is $195 for a 10-pack workgroup. I don't consider $19.50/user "big dollars". Even $95/user is cheap when you consider what your time is worth vs. trying to put together a "hack".


          Conceptually I've played around with this before, but have always returned to plugins, they just work better and take less time to integrate.


          I've tried doing some Send Event and Perform Applescript stuff, but nothing ever worked as good as a plugin.


          The defacto article on this was put out by beezwax a while ago:



          It covers all the methods very well.


          Good luck!