based on a drop down selection and two date range field selections how do I post results to a portal?

Discussion created by jp10 on Sep 12, 2013
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The scope of the layout is that I want to display an employee's daily individual schedule based on employee and two date range fields the user selects.


So, basically I have a drop down box with employees name then they select a "from" and "to" date range fields and based on those three selections I want to post the results to a portal. The results will be displayed in order by day and time.


If it's not to hard it would be cool to display the days with alternating colors. So for example if you want to see employees schedule for monday and tuesday the monday date and it's times will all be white, then after monday dates and times are done make tuesday date and time gray. This will just alternate of course if we wanted more dates returned. This is not as important right now, but if it's something easy to do I would greatly appreciate how to do it.


I have attached a screen shot of what the layout will look like.



Appreciate the help.