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    Prevent field modification


      I'm looking for a way to prevent volunteers from modifying specific fields while at the same time allowing them to add data in other fields. Our Mental Health HelpLine Database allows our volunteers to quickly look up referrals for callers. I have noticed more than one volunteer get ready to modify a category by just clicking in the field rather than going to find and a new category. At the same time they need to be able to enter data about the client. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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          Stephen Huston

          In Layout Mode, you can open the "Inspector" and go to the Data panel. There you can turn off the ability to enter any individual field(s) in browse mode. This lets them still use the field in a Find request, but not edit the data via that screen/layout.

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            Hi Chuck, Stephen's method is great, you can also have different layouts to allow SOME users to enter in fields, and on another layout (which another user uses) block the entry to the field.


            You can also control access down to the field level through privilege sets as well



            File > Manage > Security

            Privilege Set Tabs

            Set up a privilege set for "volunteers"

            under the privilege set, there is a "records" menu, choose "custom privileges"

            Select which table you want to restrict

            bottom right, there is a "field access" drop down, choose "limited"

            restrict fields to "view only" where applicable

            save changes.

            test. test. test. and test again.


            This allows you to select All access, View only access (I assume you need) and no access (can't even see it).

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              Thanks folks,  feeling kinda dumb here.  While playing around and searching my memory I came up with the solution Mike offers and then the solution Stephen offers.  I will save these responses for the next time I have a brain freeze.


              Thanks again.



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                Gentlemen, just wanted to say thankyou again. Pleased to report that I have it working and can go home for the day. Will test, test, test, and test again tomorrow.


                Best to you,