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FMRPC: How Easy is Installation and Setup - by Chad Adams

Question asked by SkeletonKey on Sep 13, 2013
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FMRPC: How Easy is Installation and Setup?


FMRPC makes FileMaker Pro and Go perform much faster over the Internet, and it lets FileMaker Go run plugins; but, how hard is it to install and setup?


Take a look at the following three (3) short videos to get a better idea of just how simple it is to start using the power of FMRPC in your solutions.



When you download the FMRPC demo, the folder will contain:

  • FMRPC_Demo.fmp12
  • Mac Installer.pkg
  • Mac Uninstaller.pkg
  • WindowsInstaller.exe
  • readme.txt

Watch me install FMRPC on a Mac in this video:



Setup Your File

After you have done the installation on your server, you'll need to get your FileMaker file ready to use FMRPC:

  1. Copy 1 table from the demo file and paste into your file.
  2. Copy 2 scripts from the demo file and paste into your file.
  3. Enable fmxdbc and fmxml extended privilege sets.

Watch me setup a file for the first time in this short video.


Alter Your Script

Once your file is setup with the pieces needed by FMRPC, you are ready to unleash the power in your own scripts.

To run a script on the server, you will:

  1. Call the FMRPC script (copied into your file earlier)
  2. Pass it a parameter telling FMRPC what to do
    • Perform Script
    • Perform Script no wait
    • Perform SQL
  3. Pass it the name of the script to be run on the server.
  4. Pass it any parameters needed by that script (optional).

Each bit of information you pass the FMRPC script is passed as a parameter, and each piece is separated by a carriage return. An example script step might look like this:
Perform Script ["FMRPC"; Parameter: "Perform Script" & ¶ & "Your Script" & ¶ & "Parameters For Your Script"]


Watch as I modify an existing sub-script to be run from the server using FMRPC in this short video.



Thank you for your interest in the installation and setup process of FMRPC (FileMaker Remote Procedure Call).


Chad Adams is a Senior FileMaker Certified Developer at Skeleton Key.

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