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How can I access an external data source layout via a script?

Question asked by websalesabc on Sep 13, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

Hi everyone. I have a number of databases that I want to connect to a central one. Getting the External Table Occurances up and running is no problem. However. Database A is my central one and I want to be able to access the others via this one. When I use a Button and the Go to Related records script, it is no problem, but I want to go to a database based on options that vary from record to record so a fixed button does not work. It will be great if I could navigate to the correct External Record Layout by selecting an option from a Drop Down list and using a script trigger to go OR via a portal that displays all the relevant child records. The problem is that the Go to relted Record script function does not seem to work except if it is selected from a button via the Button Setup options.


Is there any other way I can go to an External Record Layout?