How to capture the data in the "imported" popup on FMS12

Discussion created by DDoughtie on Sep 13, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2013 by ByteTheBullet

When you finish importing on the desktop a popup will come up and give you data about files added/updated. Errors etc. I know that an import.log is usually created when running FMP as a client but it doesn't seem to have this detail. I have a script that imports a file on the FMS12 Server every night, which is managed by the schedules in FMS Admin Console. I would love to capture the number of records added/updated and insert it into a log table in the same database. Since this is running on the server you don't get the popup and if you did no one would see it. So is there anyway to grab that data at the end of the import step without having to go find a log file (if one exists) and parse the data (the script steps through 3 files for 3 different tables).

Dan Doughtie