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Hardlinks and Offsite Cloud Backup

Question asked by JFWX5 on Sep 13, 2013
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Hi All,



I'm having a problem understanding Hardlinks and Offsite Coud Backups



I have 12 FM Files hosted on FMS 12 OSX 10,8.4 server.


Out of the 12 files, 4 are used each day, 3 weekly and the 5 every month or so.



These files are backed up using FMS backup .


As I understand the 3 weekly and 5 every month or so will contain Hardlinks.


How can I create a FM Backup scheduel to a Offsite Cloud Backup, so if I ever have a


server failure I can just download the files from the Offsite Cloud Backup to my spare server and resume operations with the Hardlinks properly setup ?