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    Can I preserve sort order in a saved search.

      I am very new to FileMaker 12, I just converted a Bento database to FileMaker.


      My question is this, I have saved some searches, but each time I use one of them I loose the search order. Also when I go back to all data I loose my sort order. Is there some way to save my preferred sort order in my saved searches? While it isn't difficult to re–sort the data, it is anoying to have to do this each time.


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          John -


          Welcome to FileMaker.


          The short answer is no. A saved Find request only performs the Find. By default, the results of a Find are unsorted.


          However, you can step up your game a bit by learning a little scripting. If you want to have the results of your Find sorted, you can create a script that performs the two steps you're after:


          Perform Find [ Restore ]

          Sort [ Restore ]


          By doing so, you'll be able to run the script and have it restore your found set and sort it as you desired. You can attach the script to a button, have it launched from the Scripts menu, or automatically triggered via an appropriate Script Trigger.





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            Mike, Thank you very much for your suggestion. I read how to create a script and have created a couple of them. Then I found that when I went back to Show all the records were again out of order. So I created another script to Show All and sort the records. I am really enjoying using FileMaker.


            Thanks again for your help, John.