Combining text and graphics in a single "field"

Discussion created by mcrip on Sep 16, 2013
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Is there a way to combine both text and graphics in a container field?


Or can anyone suggest a way to combine a text field and a container field (containing the graphic) on a print layout such that an end user, without access to the layout mode, can control where the graphic ends up in relation to the text?


Essentially I'm trying to replicate the ability in excel to insert a graphic, adjust the placement so it looks like it is part of the text. See the third line in the attached PDF (178), although in many cases there might be more text than this example.


I current thinking (haven't experimented to see how viable this is) is to create vertical and horizontal offset fields, overlay the text and graphic (container) and use those offsets to allow end users to move the container via some calculation. I'm certainly open to other suggestions though.


Additional background on this is contained in my post at