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Auto Start ... windows updates & order of closing

Question asked by maximums on Sep 16, 2013
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Hi all


I've been dealing with an IT fellow who is reluctant to discuss/share anything to do with his boxes and the Windows Server environment. I also maintain their enterprise level FileMaker Server and associated files. I now have the core file demonstrating indexing problems as of some time 12/9. Cooincidentally, after poking around, I discovered a Windows Update was installed.


I'm hoping somebody can point me to some reference material, having already spent hours trying to find something with the answers, that defines how automatic updates on Windows Server 2008 are managed, ie. how are services stopped? Is there an order services are stopped? Is it always clean, ie. does as described on the box?


Everything I've read so far has been opinion, and the general opinion is that updates on Windows should not be automatic, and I've based my advice on respected opinion. Now I'm looking for more info to understand the process so that when I yet again advise that automatic updates should not be on, I have the ammunition, ie. the facts, to support my advice or at the very least offer the information so that the client can make an informed decision.


Additionally, assuming that the shut down last week wasn't "clean", is it reasonable to suspect it was the update that caused the corrupted indexes?


Thanks peoples