FileMaker Go Web Viewer to access Remote Web Services with JQUERY /AJAX/JSONP

Discussion created by PeterCross on Sep 17, 2013
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The subject says it all.


Hi all, I have been poking around on this problem for a couple of days and I am stumped. I think this should be possible but I can not figure out if it will work and if so how to do it. I have searched the forums and the web and get conflicting answers. I understand there is a cross domain issue using JSON and that JASONP is supposed to work around that.


I have a SQL Server .Net app that has a web service that I want to send XML to from FileMaker Go. I am thinking I can just write a wrapper calc to make the XML or figure out how to make XML with JQUERY later on. So for now, we will just assume the XML part of the equation works.


The question is, does anyone have experience with Web Services using FileMaker go to communicate with a webservice that is not RESTFUL?


I have seen the functions on but will they work?


Thanks in advance.