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How to create invoice from multiple 'product' tables?

Question asked by petropix on Sep 17, 2013
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I'm new to FM-Pro, but have a reasonably good grasp of the interface/lay-out/tables/fields and relationships. Rather enchanted with over-all intuitive feel of the program. But I'm stuck :-).


I'm working with Starter Solution template: INVOICES.


The invoice creation lay-out (invoice detail) draws from the portal 'Invoice Data' which subsequently draws from the master table Products. (Line Item) All is fine. However, I've got three other distinct 'PRODUCT' tables which I want to tie into this layout. I've tried duplicating the 'Invoice Data' portal , adding relevant fields from other Product table, and making the relationship. However, the calculation (sub-total/Grand total etc. breaks down -- does not even corrolate/show.


In other words, Can I have "Line Items" representing different tables (products/items) and do a single invoice calculation accordingly? Or, how does one relate different PRODUCT tables to a single invoice creation lay-out?


Sorry if this sounds convoluted.


Help anyone?