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    Field paste formating block


      Hello everyone,


      Our company loves to use copy and paste and my Filemaker databases fields are starting to look really silly.


      I've used the "TextFormat Remove ( field)" to clean up the fields again.


      Is there a way to apply format to each field that stops the paste format in the first place - just leave the text in the current format of that field.


      If so - how do I go about this?



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          you can use autoenter with the textformat remove at the fields you want to replace the "original" value with the one without the formatting

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            If you want this function universally in your database, you can create a Custom Menu that replaces the Paste menu command with a script, that performs the "Paste" script step, with the "Paste without style" box checked. You'll need to revert to the standard Filemaker menu though whenever you edit the database structure, if you want to be able to paste into calculations, etc.

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              You can make a single script and call it via script trigger (on object exit or on object save)

              The script would need:

              Set Field By Name [ Get ( ActiveFieldTableName ) & "::" & Get ( ActiveFieldName ) ; TextFormatRemove ( Get ( ActiveFieldContents )) ]

              The first part, Get ( ActiveFieldTableName ) & "::" & Get ( ActiveFieldName ) is specifies the target field name and the second (the calculated result) removes the formatting.