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Portal record selection

Question asked by rleal on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by rleal

I created a portal using a selection of a particular table, so the user could go directly to a specific record, and when the user select a specific one it went to a different layout display that particular record using the function: Go to Related Record (Show only related records; From table: "X2"; using layout: "XX" (X))


It used to work just fine, and now for whatever reason, when any record in the portal is selected, it takes the user to the last record shown in the portal.


I've tried different things but they don't work, and found out that, if I take out the option to automatically save, I can see, that no matter what record is selected, the focus suddenly changes to the last record of the portal, before asking the user to save the record.


Does anyone have any ideas on why could this be?