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How to make a global variable with more than 1 repetition visible on a layout?

Question asked by ben_beier on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by Malcolm

Hey @all,


is there any way to make a repetition of a global variable visible on a layout?


I`ve got this global variable "$$Text".


Now I make a repetition of the global variable "$$Text[2]" and "$$Text[3]".


The reason why I`m doing this is, because I want to define the "Fieldlabel" depending on which language the user will choose to start the program. (The User can choose from "German" to "English" to "Italian")


What I did before.

I have a textfield named "Language".

I displayed this textfield on a layout.


Now I added the label to this textfield "Language selection". This label is a hardcoded text on a layout. I know I could do it with a field that contains my label description, but that`s not an option here -> I want to do it with global variables!

I`m aware of the issue that if you have a lot of records the "translation" will take long. That`s why I want to solve it in $$variables.


Now what if the user wants to change the language from English to German or Italian.

I do not want to make a layout for each language and hardcode the text.


In my opinion the user should select the language in which the program will be shown at the beginning. So if the user chooses "English" the labeltexts will be displayed in English, etc...


I want to solve this in $$variables.


I can set the $$variable correct in a script and when I see them in the "data display" the value is there.

Like when I choose $$Text contains "Text1" and $$Text[2] contains "Test" and $$Text[3] contains "Summary".

I add all three of them on the layout like this: <<$$Text>> <<$$Text[2]>> <<$$Text[3]>>

Now when I`m in the data view and fill my variables I only see the entry of $$Text and none of $$Text[2] or $$Text[3]


So is there any way to Display the $$Text[2] and the $$Text[3] on a Layout?