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    filemaker missing


      I work in an office that has several macs connecting to the server computer to access FM. Opened FM on a machine and there were a couple blank lables for fields. There should have been text in those fields. Then clicking on another screen there also was missing text and when I entered data it disappeared. Also the data I type in comes in a different font than what is programed. When I click in the box the data shows, click out of the box and it disappears. It is only happening on the one machine, the others are operating normally. I put another mac mini in it's place at the station and it worked normal. I set this mac mini up in another location to work on it and it was working normal. I put it back at the station I took it from and it worked normal. This seems very odd to me. Any ideas of what happened or what I can do?

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          It sounds like you have one or more corrupted fonts on the misbehaving Mac. Use FontBook to replace them from one of the Macs that's acting right and see if that fixes the issue.



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            Thanks Mike!  I tried this and it did not work.  Any other suggestions?

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              Was this file converted from .fp7 format?

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                I think you did what should have been done.


                How often do these Macs reboot? A reboot may have been just as beneficial as taking it off line, etc.


                How many outhouse apps do the people download. Etc.


                How much free memory is available to Filemaker? If you are using a dozen different apps and opening many different Windows, Filemaker may act up. If you have 25 windows open in Filemaker, it may choke.


                Does it conflict with another app? I found that on my Dell laptop, Filemaker and the Chrome browser would not work well together.


                Try opening activity monitor and view all of the things going on.


                Then of course the old old question. What version of FIlemaker? Do you do the updates regularly. Here's a secret: all software is beta. We pay to be beta testers. The v1 of any database is something to avoid. For 12 you should be using v4.