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filemaker missing

Question asked by bellair on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by disabled_jackrodgers

I work in an office that has several macs connecting to the server computer to access FM. Opened FM on a machine and there were a couple blank lables for fields. There should have been text in those fields. Then clicking on another screen there also was missing text and when I entered data it disappeared. Also the data I type in comes in a different font than what is programed. When I click in the box the data shows, click out of the box and it disappears. It is only happening on the one machine, the others are operating normally. I put another mac mini in it's place at the station and it worked normal. I set this mac mini up in another location to work on it and it was working normal. I put it back at the station I took it from and it worked normal. This seems very odd to me. Any ideas of what happened or what I can do?