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linking records from diferent tables

Question asked by chefportal on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by erolst

Hi All,


I have a recipe management database that has ingredients, suppliers and recipes. Is there a way to link the recipe to the ingredients table.


Eg: I create a recipe and attach a button that makes the recipe into an ingredients but keeps the cost dynamic. I have a script that creates a new ingredient by lookup, but if the recipe cost changes it does not update. So what I am lookin for is a way to create an ingredient from a recipe but keeping them linked. Not all recipes need to become ingredients, just the ones that will be used as a base to other recipes.


So a recipe of pasta sause is made and yeilds 1ltr for a cost of $9.00, then made into an ingredient. When the recipe has changed and now costs $9.50 the ingredient also is updated.