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    ISO 7 and Per App VPN





      Does anyone know if FM12 Go supports Per App VPN?


      And if so how do you enable it?






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          The "Per App VPN" is a way of making sure apps on an iPhone that do not have encryption can be directed to go through a VPN process over the network so that information is not passed in the clear.  This is very important to the enterprise level for security.  If a FileMaker Go client connects to a FileMaker Server where the Admin Console has turned on encryption, then this is already taken care of.  Basically, there is about 10-15% speed reduction for the encryption, but most all of my clients think that is worth the security. 


          Since the Per App VPN is a new feature in iOS7, I suspect this and other iOS7 things (e.g., maybe finger print ID) maybe be apart of FileMaker 13's future.  Who knows.  But I sure hope so!