App Maker.fmp12 - issues with iOS7

Discussion created by ajayz on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

Good morning everyone,


I use App Maker.fmp12 to create an icon / profile to open my filemaker database on their iPads / iPhone. It's a nice easy way for my users to open the correct database which is running on a server without having to go into FileMakerGo and be confused with all the different database we run.


The problem I have is these icons aren't working with iPads / iPhones running iOS7 - the icon opens up a BLANK white screen and then nothing.


I've deleted the profile and re-install the icon / profile - still not working.


I really need to beable to get these working again.


Note: i just email out the profile to my users to install as they own the ipads and they are scattered all over Australia. - at the momenty they are launching from within the FileMarker Go app.


Or is there another option to create an icon on the users Ipad to automatically launch the correct filemaker database?


Thanks for your help.