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    Problem copying tables to new database


      Hi there,


      I’ve got an existing solution with one interface and a couple of data files and I now want to move the tables from the seperate data files into one new database. I’ve tried to copy the tables but it turns out that the fields then get an internal id that is different which means that if I change the external data sources to point to the new table in the new database the fields are all mixed up.


      Does anybody have a solution to this problem without have to rebuilt my interface file ?


      Thanks in advance and best regards - Dick

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          That never appeared as a problem for me.


          Did you copy the table as a whole (or field by field)?

          On import you must use Matching Names.

          You should even be able to import the separate data file table as it is into your new file, creating a table there.



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            Are you referring to importing the Table and its Fields? Or importing the records into the new table and fields? From what you describe it sounds like the latter. If I am right, then what you describe could result from checking the "perform autoenter options" button in the import options dialog (see screenshot). If you want your data to come across exactly as it is in your current table (as you would, presumably) you must UNCHECK this option, otherwise any existing autoenter content will be overwritten during the import process.


            Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 4.53.48 PM.png

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              Hi Winfried,


              long time no speak nor mail ;-) and uh ... it's not so much the data (import) I'm worried about, but the fact that after copying the tables (all fields at once) from one database to another and reconnecting my interface file to the new table in this new database, that FileMaker doesn't seem to remember which field is which and it looks that there's some kind of hidden ID per field that FileMaker is using. Just wondering whether this is something that can be manipulated ?


              Thanks again and best regards - Dick

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                OK. I see by your reply to Winfried that my previous post was off the mark. As to importing database schema, if you have FMPAdvanced you have two options; if you don't have Advanced, you can only use option 2:


                1.     Open Manage Database and go to the list of Tables; at bottom right there is an Import button—use that to import the table you want to import from you other file. The table and all of its fields will be imported.


                2.     Open the source file, open Manage Database in that file and go to the list of fields for the table you want to import. Click in the panel listing the fields and select all (Cmd/Ctrl + A). With all fields selected, click the Copy button at bottom right. Then close this file. Open the file you want to copy into, open Manage Database and if you haven't sone so already create the table for the fields you are copying; go to the fields list for this table (which should have no fields at this point) and click the Paste button at bottom right.


                With either approach the fields should just simply copy over as is. The only issue you should have is with any calcs that may have to be repointed to match the new location.


                you will then have the new table and its fields in place, but no records. Refer to my previous post for a trap to be aware of when importing the records.

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                  Hi there,


                  option 2 did the tric :-) ... look like the import table retains the internal field id's.


                  Thanks for your help and enjoy your weekend.


                  regards - Dick