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    Server Admin wont start


      I just installed FMSA 12 on a new Mac Mini development server. The installation went smoothly. I was asked to install Java - which I did - to Java v7 release 40 (the latest). I then tried t launch the Server Admin Console. I immediately got the splash screen and it appeared to be running, but suddenly I got this screen (see attached). It just sits there and nothing happens.


      Any idea what is going on?

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          What Operating System and which version is installed on your Mac Mini?


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            Sorry, 10.8.5

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              I ran into a similar problem myself.
              When you install a Java Version Update, the Server Admin Console will not open because the Java Version is incompatible with the Admin Console start file.
              The start file I have is named admin_console_webstart.jnlp; this file contains Java code which may not be compatible with the version of Java installed with the Operating System on your Mac Mini. Please open the file and inspect with a Text editor.
              Below are excerpts from the file on my desktop:


              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

              <jnlp codebase="http://192.168.X.X:16000" href="admin_console_webstart.jnlp" spec="1.5">


                      <vendor>FileMaker, Inc.</vendor>

                      <description>FileMaker Server Admin Console</description>

                      <description kind="short">FileMaker Server Admin Console</description>

                      <icon href="/launch-page/images/server_icon.jpg"/>

                      <icon href="/launch-page/images/server_splash.jpg" kind="splash"/>




                          <menu submenu="FileMaker Server"/>




                      <j2se initial-heap-size="32m" max-heap-size="128m" version="1.5+"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/admin-console-client.jar"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/valuefield-client.jar"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/linksupport-client.jar"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/datechooser-client.jar"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-jnlp-client.jar"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-base-trusted.jar"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-base-client.jar"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/ulc-servlet-client.jar"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/jgraph.jar"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/deployment.jar"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/MRJ141Stubs.jar"/>

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/http.jar"/>

                      <property name="apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar" value="true"/>

                      <property name="com.apple.macos.smallTabs" value="true"/>

                      <property name="com.filemaker.adminconsole.ui.clients.showError" value="log"/>


                  <resources os="Mac OS">

                      <jar href="admin-client-lib/quaqua-filechooser-only.jar"/>






              The above file shows that Java Version 1.5 is required to run the Admin Console Starter.


              Regards from,


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                I deleted Java v7 then reinstalled Apple Java. That apparently didn't work because when I tried to access the Admin Console, I got the message that Java was not installed. But it gave me a link to Oracle's Java download page that downloads Java 7 again. Since the Mac Mini is new, I think that I'll try a clean install of OSX 10.8.5, then install FMSA 12 again and see that happens.


                Do you have any other ideas?


                Boy, this is frustrating. And time consuming!

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                  I just went through this also. I don't know if my situation applies to you. I have TextWrangle installed also and it was somehow taking over the .jnpl files. I looked in my browser to where the jnpl files were being downloaded- went to that location, right-clicked a jnpl file and in the info screen made sure that java web start is what ALWAYS opens it. (before I discovered that, I was trashing TextWrangler to get the admin console to work, here's the link to my recent issue... https://fmdev.filemaker.com/pm-view.jspa?pmID=18149)

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                    Did you reboot after installation?


                    Check in the Activity Monitor is you see fmserver processes running.


                    Otherwise try the following from Terminal:

                    sudo launchctl start com.filemaker.fms


                    Now connect again to localhost:16000 and download a fresh launcher from that page and see if it works.


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                      I did what you suggested. I did check in the Activity Monitor and couldn't see that fmserver was running at all. I'm now wondering if fmserver is getting launched at all.


                      Bottom line, the splash screen appears but just sits there. I suspect something is not getting launched.

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                        I had a similar problem this morning, under 10.8. I had to go into System Preferences - Security and change the settings to allow downloads from anywhere. Once I did this, I was able to launch the Admin Console. I later when back to returned the security permissions to their previous setting and the Admin Console still continued to work. Apparently there was a Java update that wasn't installing properly because of the permisssion restrictions.


                        Janet S.

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                          I set the security option to Always when I first started the installation. Didn't solve the problem for me. But thanks for the suggestion.

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                            But did you actually run the command from Terminal?


                            sudo launchctl start com.filemaker.fms



                            If this does not result in fmserver processes in the Activity Monitor, what version of FMServer are you installing?

                            (should be

                            If you have an older version, run a patch first from


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                              I did try your script in terminal, but didn't see FMServer in AM. I'm running FMS under OSX 10.8.5 and Java 7 release 40.


                              I finally got Admin Console to launch by running a java program: admin_console_init_webstart.jnip - which was sent to me by another TechNet member. Admin Console launched and allowed me to configure my FM Server. Now I'm up and running.


                              Notwithstanding this success, I still don't know why Admin Console wouldn't launch from my browser (Safari) using "localhost:16000"?


                              Thanks again for your help.

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                                I've run into unexplained situations where you can't launch the webstart jnlp file and never figured out how to fix the situation.  What I have always done is just go to another machine and run the IP:16000 URL and that has always worked for me.  But Java sure has been a pain and I can't wait for FileMaker to fix this, hopefully in the next version of FileMaker which I hope is coming out soon. 

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                                  I've seen localhost fail on many occasions, most having nothing to do with FMS.


                                  Whenever it fails I switch to the computer IP and it usually works. If it doesn't then its usually something else I've done that isn't right. Like not installing properly, for example: virus protection on and blocking part of the install.


                                  I suggest you try using the computer's IP and see if that makes a difference. Also post the error message so we can see where it fails.


                                  If the file downloads but doesn't open automatically, that's normal. Auto-launch downloaded files has been turned off and you have to set it back on if you require it. It leaves a gaping hole in security. Most IT people will tell you not to. After the file downloads go to your download folder and double click on it.

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                                    FYI, is whatever computer you are on.  It is like calling itself and is supposed to be the same as localhost, but I find it to be more reliable.  So if you're on a computer having a hard time getting the admin up, just do and that should get you in always if FMS is working.  Of course you can use the actual computer IP too, which will also work remotely. 

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