Export field contents of container field to attached device not working - Mac 10.8.4

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We are seeing a strange issue on FMA 12.0v4, Mac 10.8.4. When we run a script to export the contents of a container field to an attached storage device, instead of saving to the NAS volume, it saves to the FileMaker application folder on Mac only. On Windows 7, same user privileges, it works fine. No error is returned to trap by. I can export the contents manually with no permission error, so doubt that is the problem. This has been replicated over multiple machines and multiple users.


Here is the variable path: "filemac:/yeti/necropolis_private/ImageExport/" & items_IMAGEREVISION::ArtRecordNumber & ".jpg" Yeti is the NAS.


Should it not error out as opposed to exporting to the FM Application folder?


The same script works fine exporting to a folder in my documents folder locally.


I appreciate any assistance you can provide me.



Laura Bowyer