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    Mirroring the contents of an unstored calc?


      Hey all,

      I've got an unstored caclulation that is based on related data. I've got a table called Sessions and a table called SessionParticipants and I want to count the number of session participants for a given session. So I've related the keys and created a caclulated field called zCalc_participantCount that is defined like this:

      Count ( SessionParticipants::id )


      I want to have some searches perfomed based on this new count and since searching unstored caclulations is a bad, bad thing I want to have a field in the table that mirrors the calculation. So I created a field called participantCount that's an auto-enter calculation that is equal to my unstored calculation. I have set it to replace the existing value as well. However when I test it and add a participant the unstored calc updates but the auto-enter calc doesn't update.


      Should this work or am I off base? Thanks.