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    Exported PDF fails to open from Temp directory


      Good day, all. I'm having a strange issue with one user on a hosted system. FM 12, Windows 7. The operation in question is relatively simple: Export a PDF from a container using Export Field Contents [Open automatically]. This works quite well on my workstation, which is also Windows 7. I've verified the PDF does indeed export to the appropriate directory and the user can open it by navigating to that directory and double-clicking. Other PDF documents will open normally on his workstation. It's just the "Open automatically" part that seems to be munging up.


      We've reinstalled FM 12, in the hopes that perhaps something went amiss with the installation. No apparent change.


      Any ideas?



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          Is your script running with full admin privileges? I recall running into this before and either the filemaker privs or windows privs on that directory were the root cause.


          Other things I would check would be the windows default program association. IE making sure it's supposed to open with acrobat reader by default. Sometimes if they installed a third party app like foxit or a PDF printer like PrimoPDF, it makes the windows program associations for *.pdf do wierd things.


          Sorry I don't recall the exact fix, hopefully this gives you a few more things to try.

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            Okay, thanks, Mike. No, it's not running with admin privs, but other users aren't having a problem. Just this one user. But we seem to have a LOT of issues with registry associations for some reason (despite being on managed desktops). I'll try both.