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Filemaker GO web clip iOS 7 inconsistent

Question asked by janetschutte on Sep 21, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2013 by robe

I built a web clip using the Filemaker Go App Maker, with settings to be supported under iOS 7, to open a local file. After installing on my ipad, I get inconsistent results using the icon to open the file. It seems to depend on the Safari window or tab that is active at the time. At times it opens fine, but at other times it gets hung up in Safari with a dialog box of "Open this page in "Filemaker Go"? Options are Cancel or Open. On clicking Open, the Safari page remains open, but nothing happens. Other times I get a message saying "Safari cannot open the page because the address in invalid."


Has anyone else run across this problem, or have any idea on how to fix? I originally had a similar web clip under iOS 6, but I'm trying to rebuild for iOS 7 as the 6 version no longer works correctly under 7.



Janet S.