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    Can't see all records in a list in IWP ???




      In IWP, in a list view containing eg. 150 records, I can only see the first 25 records of that list.

      How to make the remaining 125 records show in the IWP ?

      Thanks !


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          Hi Tony,


          You have a few options here:


          1. have buttons to go to the NEXT/PREVIOUS set of 25 records

          2. create a relationship to show the records then use a portal wtih a scroll bar to show the first x number of records and users can scroll to see the remaining records





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            HI Tony,


            Andrew solution will do the job for you.  In FileMaker 12,  the server sends the first 25 ( or is that 24) records to the client.  I saw something about this at a session at Devcon this year. If you are using Go or FIleMaker Pro/Advanced,  scrolling up or down will trigger the next set of records.  This doesn't work in IWP.  So for IWP you use a script and a button to get the next record set.


            A typical page down script would look someting like this.


            Set Variable[ $pos; 1]


               Exit Loop if [ Let $pos =  $pos + 1; $pos > 24)]

               Go To Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last]

            End Loop


            For Page up Go To Previous instead of Next

            From the Devcon session,  on the first Go To Record step,  the server sends the next batch of records.  So the script will process fairly quickly.