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    Searching in FileMaker using "strings"


      In my years of playing in Filemaker, I have never been able to find a "canned" solution that provides a basic string search feature that works the way I want it to. The FileMaker Quick Find feature is close, but doesn't work if you are searching for part of a word or number - can't find "rings" in the word "strings" for instance. Of course, you can simply go to a specific field and type using quotes the text "rings", but the search of that field will return results for that field only. Doesn't really get me the results I want and I still have to types in the "" everytime. I want the search to look at multiple fields within that table and then show me where it found those occurrences with yellow highlights. Kind of a lightweight Google search or similar to how you search Word documents in Microsoft. This is what I came up with to do that. Probably is not the most elegant way of doing it, but it seems to work. I was thinking about trying to expand the functionality to dynamically display only those fields that contain the data I'm searching for. Again, like Word from Microsoft.


      Let me know what you think.

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          Have you checked out FmSearchResults from seedcode?




          Not sure if it handles specifically what you're looking for or not. But it's powerful and I've used it as a substitute to quickfind before.

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            I have created somehting like this and it highlights the text as you are typing it and then once you hit return, it narrows down the list to the text entered. Caveat: it can be very slow on some computers...

            To acheive this, you have a calc field that stores all the fields you wish to search, a global field that allows you to enter the text, the conditional highlight applied to text witin all the fields on the layout and it looks like you have already done this, the only real major difference is that there is a script trigger on the global field that commits after every keystroke (and I think there is a refresh screen) and then returns the cursor to where the user was typing, that way it works just the same way as your example, except that the matching text is highlighted before the "search" itself goes ahead. This could be useful???

            Just like your example, once you hit tab or return (you need to capture these keystrokes in the script triggered when entering text into the field) then the "find" is performed.


            I like the idea of the seedcode example, as it also illustrates the number of matches and it's darn quick! What I would be concerned about with searching across multiple tables like this is the security restrictions and revelvance to where you are. Perhaps a combination of my suggestion with the advanced features of the seedcode example might be a good solution!