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    Error 1506 - Sending via SMTP with FMS 12


      Hi Guys,


      Been doing lots of searching and reading on this issue but this Error 1506 seems to me to be pretty useless.


      I have a solution where FMS needs to automatically send out notifications for Membership expirations. It worked in testing but then I started getting the odd 1506. I was capturing the error, but wasn't doing anything with it as it was all happening server side and I needed the process to continue. To monitor what was happening I added a Email Log/Queue such that second server side process could try again for any entries with an error code 1506. Most message go out on first attempt. In general those which failed with a 1506 will go on the 2nd attempt. Now I'm finding that some messages are actually being sent even though I'm getting a 1506. This is really annoying as the recipient is getting multiple copies of the same message and FMS just keeps sending them as its recording a 1506 error. I have been forced to put a max attempts filter into the Queue such that it doesn't go on forever.


      Its got nothing to do with the format of the address fields. I've followed the advice and they only contain the address.


      Why does FMS record an error 1506 when the message was actually accepted for delivery?


      It seems to me that the most common 1506 situation is where there is only 1 message in the queue. The email server may be responding in a particular way on the first SMTP connection. The message is in fact accepted by the response confuses FMS and hence it reports a 1506. Some 30 minutes later the Email Queue process trys again and gets the same response, so the message is sent, but FMS records a 1506 so it stays in the Queue for further attempts.


      The most recent example was last Sunday morning when 2 message were added to the Queue at 8:00am ... I'm a recipient. This has been working for weeks without any changes to the addressees. One of the messages went, the other got a 1506. I received copies of that "stuck" message every 30 minutes until 3:16pm when FMS finally recorded Error = 0 and the message was finally tagged as "Sent" The Log/Queue has incremented the Attempts count so it was the Error 1506 which caused the multiple deliveries ... it wasn't the local Exchange server.


      Is it possible to get FMS to provide details of why its generating a 1506? Clearly the message is being accepted for delivery and it is in fact being delivered, but there is more to the story.


      Cheers, Malcolm

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          It's possible that you have two problems. The second problem might be a result of your cure for the first. (notice "possible & might").

          You mention Exchange server. That usually defaults to TSL. Unless things have changes FMS has a version of TSL that Exchange doesn't recognize. The email is sent but the error code pops up. As a test, if you undo your "re-try" process (AKA 2nd problem) and turn off both SSL and TSL in the FMS settings it might work just fine. If true, then you can either switch Exchange to SSL or just rely on the security via Exchange or bypass Exchange.

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            I ran into this error with a mail robot. The problem is 1506 error is a generic error which doesn't always mean the email failed. When i was testing i found it often goes through so capturing the error doesn't help.


            I switched to SMTPit and haven't had a problem since.


            John Morina

            PSI, Inc.

            CCQ-FM, Inc.

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              I've seen this too and I've always thought of it as a mail server problem, not a FMS problem. The mail server is reporting an error (in my case Gmail). FMS doesn't know it's been sent or not, just what the mail server responds. You should tighten up your error handling, like don't resend, but flag those for a manual review.

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                Thanks guys.  I currently have SMTP configured without encryption or authentication, its all on the LAN, so it should just work.  In fact it does work the vast majority of the time but I had two messages on the weekend apparently stuck with the dreaded 1506 error.  Both were eventually tagged as "success" when Error 0 was eventually returned.


                Given that nothing changed and Error 0 was returned after multiple attempts (at 30 min intervals) it does seem that the documentation is wrong.


                The manual says Error 1506 ... Email(s) could not be sent successfully.


                It should say Error 1506 ... Oh crap, did you see what happened, I wasn't really paying attention.  Your email may have gone ok, but then again it may not.  Better just ring the recipient(s) and see if they got it.


                Would be happier if I could get some additional log information as to what is happening.  Unfortunately I don't control the Exchange server so don't have easy access to any logs.


                For this installation they have dedicated a machine for FMS, but its only running Windows 7.  Does the job but its doesn't have a local SMTP service.


                Anyone care to recommend a local SMTP service which can be installed on Windows 7 such that I can log whats happening and have FMS send SMTP via localhost and have it then relay via the Exchange server?

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                  Hi Malcolm


                  In order to avoid the doubt concerning whether or not each email has been sent, why not BCC each email to a spare email account that you have access to. Then you would be able to check if each email had actually gone out.


                  If there was still an issue, you could get FileMaker to monitor that account and stop sending once it had received the related BCC copy (using POP3it for example).


                  This may be overkill, but it's still best to have a record of what actually happened ...


                  Best wishes - Alan Stirling - London UK.

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                    Thanks for the suggestions.  I certainly want to know what is actually happening so reconciling received BBC messages with the queue will do, however at this stage I've gone down the path of logging more details by installing a local SMTP service.  After a bit of searching I got down to a short list of two candidates;


                    hMailServer - http://www.hmailserver.com/




                    MailEnable - http://www.mailenable.com/


                    As hMailServer is simpler I've gone with it.  I've disabled POP and IMAP and configured it to only accept SMTP from and then relay all SMTP through the existing Exchange server.  This way I can log whats happening between FMS and hMailServer and between hMailServer and Exchange.


                    Having a POP service on the FMS machine will also allow me to implement BCC reconciliation if I need to without having to negotiate with IT Support for another Exchange account.

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                      Well its been 2 weeks since I installed hmailserver locally on the FMS machine and I've not had a 1506.


                      Looking at the hmailserver logs its not recorded any issue relaying the FMS email to the Exchange Server.


                      So given that all I've really done is install a local SMTP Relay it seems to me that FMS 12 simply doesn't reliably play nice with Exchange.