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    FileMaker Parametric Search Engine


      Has anyone created or can FM database be created and used to search product parameters on website?



      instead of a word or phrase in a website search field - a customized check box of parameters pops up - select a parameter and another drill-down check box opens to further the specific parameters of a search, etc., then select submit and the selected parameters populate the search field and perform the search.

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          The simple answer is 'yes' but really we'd need some more specifics.


          This is a web viewer job... you would set up the parameters in FM then send it as a query string to the webviewer and when the results are returned maybe you need to be able to capture them back in FM. This, I'm pretty sure, is called 'scraping'.


          - Lyndsay

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            You can do almost anything you want if you use Custom Web Publishing and PHP.  But most of us can spend a lot less time and accomplish the same things in FileMaker with the web viewer like Lyndsay suggested.  Pulling the responses back is called web scraping.  Ususally you put a URL into a web viewer and it displays the web page basically acting like a web browser.  But you can also put html info into a web viewer to view HTML that you have created by preceding in the calculation engine a text result starting off with "data:text/html," followed by the HTML.  When put in a web browser, it will display the HTML you created instead of pointing to a web page by the URL. 


            As Lyndsay said, tell us more and we'll see what we can suggest. 

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              As Lyndsay said, tell us more and we'll see what we can suggest. 




              I'd be curious to hear more details about the objective you have in mind.