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How come the portal is not showing the related records?

Question asked by liyangao on Sep 24, 2013
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I have a database set up as in the following.


I have a participant table, which is connected to 6-month visits and annual visits table with 1-m relationships. I added a batch table to keep track of the examination data export for housekeeping purpose. For each batchID, it has a start date and an end date. Any 6-month visit or annual visit occured between the start date and the end date of a batch will have examination data exported in the same batch with UPS tracking number. I wrote a script to fill in the batchid field in the 6-month visit and annual visit records. Since FM does not allow cycles within the realtionship graph, FM created a table occurrence Batch 2 to be linked to Annual visit table as 1-m while table Batch is linked to 6-month visit table. Due to different examinations involved at 6-month visit and annual visit, they are seperated.


Here comes my problem. I added two portals on the batch layout to show the 6-month visits and annual visits included in the batch. The portal to show 6-month visits in the batch works alright, which is linked to the Batch table in the relationship graph. But the portal to show annual visits included in the batch was empty, which is linked to the table occurrence Batch 2 by BatchID in the relationship graph. What happened? I went to the annual visit layout and I can see the field BatchID from the Batch 2 table but not the BatchID from the Batch table.


What went wrong and how do I solve the problem? I may have some gap in understanding multiple table occurrence in the relationship graph.


Thank you very much for your input and responses!