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Creating related records in portal table

Question asked by IT_User on Sep 25, 2013
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I have a layout that has a portal that calculated payments.

There is a client table, then there is a transaction table, and connected to that is a payment table.

The portal is based on the transaction table, but it has fields from the payment table on it.

From Transaction to payments, I allowed records to be created.

I layered the fields on the script. The one on top is the calculated total of numbers of the related payments table. In other words, There can be more than one records for each transaction, but the top field only shos the total of those records.

The bottom field is the payments, where I can enter numbers in.

If a record has already been created and I type a number in, then tab to the next row, it updates, everything works. However, if there isn't an existing record, it will make a new payment record based on the relationship, but even with a window refresh the numbers don't show up on the screen until I go to another record and come back.

I would use a commit record step in the script, but then I lose the ability to tab to the next field, since that deselects everything.


Is there a possibly way to save a record without losing place of a field in a portal?


Let me know if you need more information about this.


Thank you in advance!