Separation Model Data Files Opening Prematurely (before credentials can be established in UI File)

Discussion created by jcooper on Sep 25, 2013
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I have a database with most of the files hosted in FMS12 authenticated to Open Directory. There's a User Interface file containing all the layouts, most scripts, etc that runs locally on the users' computers/devices. To make this work since local files cannot authenticate externally, I have the UI file open as [Guest] and prompt the user for a username and password (using Custom Dialog) then pass those credentials to a script in a specific AccountTest file on the server. If it kicks back an "OK", then the UI creates a new account in itself with the same crentials and perform a Re-Login with the previously set credentials. That way, when it opens all the external files, it does so with matching username/password combinations and everything opens.


It works fine ... sometimes. It seems that at times, even though the file opens to a layout with no fields and no references to any external files, and was previously closed from the same layout, some of the data files try to open in the background before the user is prompted for crentials. When that happens, since the user is, at that time, logged in as [Guest], s/he is prompted for a password for each external file trying to open. I cannot figure out why it's trying to open the external files since there's no script, field or layout that referrs to them being in any way accessed that I can see.


I can solve it temporarily by saving a clone of the local file. Opening the clone behaves as expected once, maybe twice. But I eventually get the prompt(s) to the external data files. I was always under the impression that FileMaker only opened external data sources when it needed to.


Does anyone have any insight or can anyone point me to any documentation/white-papers I may have missed that explains FMPs logic for opening background files?