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    Print Setup for commercial product


      So far I've only done in-house solutions so using the "Print Setup" script step and setting it to A4 and no dialogue is a good option.

      I'm wanting to sell a boxed product commercially to a number of countries.

      How do most people deal with the "Print Setup" problem with commercial products? E.g. some people will want A4, others will want Letterhead.


      Do I

      - Localise it for each country?

      - Show the Print Setup dialogue for every printout?

      - Or is there another better solution?


      I'm thinking that if this problem is too hard I should just save a PDF file and let the user print from their PDF software.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Sorry I assumed that the "Print" Dialogue would not allow for the paper size to be changed.  I've tested printing on Mac and Windows and both printing dialogues allow for the output paper size to be changed.

          My mistake!


          Any other gotcha's with printing?

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            Jonathan Jeffery

            Many solutions will have a few subscripts, setting up A4, US letter, portrait and landscape combinations, and use one or the other for the print set-up depending on a user preference.


            The following won't necessarily apply to you, as you will be selling a boxed product, but my favourite printing gotcha gem is on windows networks with hosted printer queues: the Print Setup script step also binds it to the printer you were connected to when configuring the script.


            We had all kinds of fun with this; all our offices printing to a remote printer in the office where the script had been written. The answer in the end was to create a temporary network printer, use it while defining the Print Setup settings, then delete the network printer. Then, when the script runs, it cannot find the 'desired' printer, and so 'resorts' to using the client's currently selected printer.

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