Unstored calculations causing the FM as well as Web application to be extremely slow

Discussion created by user16773 on Sep 26, 2013
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Hi All,


We have a Ticket Booking application using FileMaker 12.


Here is one of the chain of tables

Parent >> Child1 >> Child2


There are few calculation fields in Child1, which are either count or sum of fields in table child2 and hence those turn as unstored calculations. Next these unstored calculations fields of child 1 are referred - sum up in the parent table and parent table also has unstored calculation fields.


On one of the layout which has portal of child 1 (with unstored calc fields) and also the unstored calc field of parent table, it takes time to load and sends application in not responding mode. It further aggrevates the problem when user starts "find" which uses data from unstored calc fields.


This is been extended on the web using PHP. So when the records are fetched from parent table from web application and if unstored calc fields are placed on the referred layout, web page execution is painfully slow. Can anyone suggest a work around to this as well?


Since this is a multiuser booking application it is important to get updated data in real time. Can anyone suggest an alternative solution for this? Mainly to replace use of unstored calculation fields? Or some radically different approach to this?